With the introduction of Remote Sensitivity Control (RSC®) on all the system components, Tecnoalarm redefines the standards of reliability and customization of the entire security sector. Thanks to RSC® technology, the professional installer now has at his disposal a complete range of remotely controlled products, allowing him to successfully manage the design and installation of small domestic alarm systems as well as large-scale industrial systems, in compliance with the current regulations regarding the construction of burglary alarm systems.


RSC® technology supports the Remote Digital Verification (RDV®) system to permit the complete remote control of each single system component. Nowadays, not only the control panels but also the indoor and outdoor detectors, sirens and consoles can be reached by the installer via modem at any time and from any place. The possibility of adjusting and calibrating the systems from a distance, is translated into greater precision in the setting of the installation and consequently reduced time and costs for installation and assistance.


All of the RSC® range components are connected to new generation control panels by means of a special serial bus. Thus, it is possible to reach not only the control panels but also the indoor detectors, the perimeter protections, the sirens and the consoles for programming of functioning, calibration of the sensitivity and alignment. In addition, it is possible to monitor and analyze functioning of all of the system's components.