APR-Access Point Readers

With the APR (Access Point Readers), Tecnoalarm has introduced a new family of readers specifically for controller access to areas, especially for professional use.
The APR - CARD is a radio frequency card reader with which the electromagnetic field produced by the base, powers the transmission of recognition data contained in the card. The 13 MHz frequency, allowing a maximum distance of 80mm from the card reader, makes the system extremely simple and easy to use. The encrypted code is univocal and unreproducible. By passing the card close to the reader a number of times in rapid succession, it is possible to activate three different programs.
APR - FINGER, on the other hand, is a biometric digital fingerprint reader. It is possible to memorise up to 10 fingerprints for each user and associate them to activate three different programs. The algorithm behind the system not only recognises every attempt at falsification, it can encrypt some fingerprint characteristics to prevent association to single individuals thereby respecting privacy.
APR - FINGER - CARD incorporates the functions of each solution for maximum practicality.