Tecnoalarm succeeding or the small domiciliary installation has developed able a range new of products to offer to the installer a greater control of the systems in order to face with absolute guarantee of that the great industrial installation.

For being able to offer to all the professionals of system a complete service, Tecnoalarm has created the CENTER SPREAD SECURITY to which the all can address the istallers that do not have a specific experience with our products, but that they wish to enter in the Tecnoalarm world with extreme facility.

Near the CDS they will be able in fact to find:

  • a technical-commercial adviser for the drawing up of the offered ones,
  • the range Tecnoalarm of accredited materials IMQ to wired technology and radio,
  • The assistance during the installation and the quarantee of the service post-sale,
  • the course of formation and technical update,
  • the commercial documentation to enclose to the offered ones.